Friday, January 27, 2012

21 on the Waiting List

Finally. After weeks of waiting our paperwork came back from D.C.. Today we added the necassary copies and mailed it, Express, to the Holt office in Oregon. We called our social worker to let her know the Dossier was complete and in the mail. She told us that we are now 21 on the waiting list and should expect to be matched with our daughter by December of this year. She reminded us that it was an estimate only, and we of course are hoping it is sooner than that. We are just relieved to be (almost) done with this portion of the paperwork. The rest is in God's hands and in his timing. Naturally we have quite a bit to keep us busy, including hopefully moving into our new home in a few weeks. They painted today. Cherish's room is soft yellow! Her brothers' room is burnt Orange:)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Off to Washington DC

After checking, and double checking and triple checking our documents, we Express Mailed our precious Dossier to a courier service in Washington DC today. They will hand deliver it to the US State Dept to authenticate our State Seal and then hand deliver it to The Royal Thai Embassy for their authentication, after which it will be mailed back to us. We were told the whole process should take about 7 days. Then we will mail to Holt and they will place us on the Thailand Waiting List. One step closer. Tonight we prayed for God to continue guiding our process, continue to give us patience to wait on him, and to keep his protecting hand on our daughter. We just can't wait to meet her, and bring her home.