Thursday, January 23, 2014

Bee Happy

The time to send another care package came at the end of December.  I actually took a little extra time.  It's getting a bit harder to send them. This season of waiting feels endless, and I'm ready to dress her myself, run a comb through her hair, and kiss her little nose.  Every day I find strength in the waiting, either in prayer or scripture, and email or word from a friend.  And each day that goes by I tell myself we won't have to wait THAT day over again.  

Political protests in Thailand have slowed communications at this point.  We are now not anticipating travel before April.  So this may not be the last care package sent, we might have one more to go.  I know it does no good to worry, I realize as God told Sarah it will happen at the appointed time, and therefore I've been saying to myself, "Don't worry bout a thing, you know every little thing is gonna be alright."  

Can't wait to see our girl wearing all these precious little girly things.  I held this shirt up and smothered it with a little love and prayer.  Praying for Isabel too, "don't worry about a thing, you know every little thing is gonna be alright!"