Monday, February 27, 2012

Adoption Tax Credit

Today I learned that the federal tax credit available to adoptive parents, will sunset at the end of this year. While it will not deter us, it was a disappointment as we hoped to use the tax credit to help offset some of the expenses. The average cost to adopt is any where from $25k-$35k or more, currently for 2011 families are eligible for a maximum of $13,170 as a tax credit, which is still sometimes less than half!!! So, what does all this mean and how can you help? Today I signed a petition to extend the tax credit for 2012 and 2013 which will directly affect our adoption...add your name to mine at  also there is more info about a bill being presented to make the tax credit permanent, and who to contact if you live in one of the states currently supporting the writing of the bill.  I can't tell you what a blessing this can be to us and so many other adoptive parents out there.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Life is so crazy busy for us right now. I keep telling myself all this craziness is making the time go by for us faster, but it doesn't make it any less exhausting! I recently allowed myself to start worrying over the funds we need. We are a week or so away from moving into our new home, and while it is a blessing as many know moving/building is always full of last minute expenses you don't anticipate. It seems like its been hard to put extra back and very soon we will need to file with immigration. This week I found out we are to receive a bonus at work, the amount is based on the hours worked during a certain time period...wouldn't you know that added to what we have put back will cover our immigration fees! It was God saying once again, Don't worry I've got it all taken care of!!! So yesterday when our ten year old Peyton broke his wrist at school, and they had to anesthesize him to set and cast it, I just said okay God I'm not going to worry about this you have it all figured out. Thankfully, the doctor was able to skillfully line it all back up and doesn't anticipate it will cause any problems...except for our sanity over the next few weeks poor guy it was his left hand, yes he is left handed. Our lives are so short here on earth, I hope I'm able to continually keep in perspective that worrying is not going to add a day to my life and as long as I keep doing my part, well God is perfectly capable of handling the rest!!