Monday, February 4, 2013

The latest...

Yes. I realize it has been a month and a half since I wrote anything.  I could pretend it's because the holiday season got away with me and I just haven't had the time.  But that's not entirely true.  We did have a wonderful Christmas, and have been very busy, but the truth is I'm just so ready to write THE post.  You know, the post where I announce to the world that we have a daughter.  I had little hopes for December, but it was not meant to be, and so here we are waiting for a March group.  My heart is aching at the fact that it may still not be the group matching us with our daughter.  Honestly, I have moments when I wonder if it really is going to happen.  Normal, I hear, but painful moments none the less.  Of course it will all happen at the perfect moment, and we will bring her home at the perfect time...words I say at least once a day.  Every moment the thought of her is in the back of my mind, the intensity of those thoughts makes my heart hurt.  Intensity I am coping with, as I'm sure it will magnify once I see her little face and we continue to wait for the proper paper work to go through the proper channels.  And so, that is why I haven't blogged.

A bit of excitement.  I of course have applied to several grants.  And by several I mean I forget how many.  Many of the grant apps are extremely lengthy and detailed, but I figure it's worth it to apply.  Many are swamped with applicants, and obviously not everyone can be awarded.  We did receive the grant from Show Hope I've discussed before, and I have received a lot of 'we regret to inform you' letters.  I thought we had heard back from every one we submitted to, but January 5th I opened the mail to find a check for $1000 from an organization called Families Outreach in Arkansas.  I of course cried and jumped up and down, and called all the necessary people who I knew would cry and jump with me.  My husband, who did not cry or jump:), stated very calmly, "And the doors just keep opening." I assure you I cried and jumped enough for us both!  Mountains are moving people.  Check out those numbers on our timeline.  A year ago they seemed insurmountable, and now look at all those COMPLETED. It is of course not lost on me that in our prayers for direction and provision we have to be patient for God to Direct and to Provide.  Which really is what helps me get through the moments when I am just "so done" waiting. 

We became affiliates with Ordinary Hero recently.  The ordinary hero storefront has everything from apparel to jewelry, to donations for kids around the world, and if TeamStrand is selected at checkout we receive 40% of the proceeds, these funds are mailed directly to our agency.  Check it out at  We will probably be promoting it more once we receive our referral.  Or you can just donate directly at

In other news, we really have been busy.  Peyton and Ian started upward basketball, which is a GREAT program.  They have practice once a week with a bible study and verse learning included, and one game where we pray with the refs to start the game, and listen to testimonies at half time.  All the kids get to play regardless of skill.  It's very positive and one of my favorite activities they are involved in. 

We are busy at church trying to plan activities for our youth group and fulfill our roles in praise and worship.  I want to take a moment to say how much we love our church and all the people in it.  We have great leadership and friends in our Pastor Darrell Faire and his wife Sheila.  They are such huge supporters and have written so many recommendation letters for all those grants.  We are blessed to serve and grow under their ministry and vision. 

We took the boys to a ski lodge in St. Louis over the weekend.  Rocky grew up skiing and makes it look effortless.  I have been with him several times over the past 14 years but can never quite seem to master my fear enough to make the skis do what they should.  I am happy to say I learned how to stop correctly, instead of snow plowing the entire way, an enormous accomplishment if you know me at all and my lack of coordination.  We had fun 'family time', the boys had a blast and we came away without any broken bones!  I will not comment on the state of our muscles however!

No other news I can think of, oh except we did move up on the list to number 5, after an unexpected referral in early January.  One number at a time.