Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Wherever you are, my love will find you.

Really I need to write multiple posts, and have been meaning to but at this point...it ain't happenin'.  So here's what's up in a nutshell.  Things are moving as slow as molasses, but after not moving at all we will take it.  Two families have received first approval last month, which is huge after months of nothing.  We are hopeful we will receive our approval next month which would allow us to travel by August, hopefully.  At this point though things are so mixed up and not going by any of the norms that we just don't know. Most of the time I'm at peace and we have been so screaming busy that I don't have time to think.  Until I get an update, another update, with pictures showing us how much she is growing up without us. (Insert tears, anger, frustration, and bittersweet joy)  She is still itty bitty, only weighing 24 lbs and is 2 feet 8 in. tall (5th percentile for weight and height.)  Our report indicated that the social worker is working on preparing her for separation from her foster family, and that her foster mother lets her look at our pictures every day and talks to her about her family (insert more tears).  I hate that it is taking so long, I hate seeing her one year older from the time we were blessed to know we would be her parents, it just plain stinks.  My faith is stretching and I'm clinging to promises, but stretching is painful and clinging is hard work.  I just want her to know that if it was in our power we would have been on a plane a year ago.  Goodness she is so beautiful.

We also sent another care package.  In her hands in one of the photos she is holding one of the picture albums we sent her.  I so hope these care packages are connecting her to us, it's all we can do.  Tears, prayer, and love are squeezed into every ziploc.  In this one we sent the book, Wherever you are, my love will find you, with a Thai translation. And we mean it, every word.  Wherever and however long it takes our love will find you and bring you home.

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  1. Oh Laura! I can't wait to see that beautiful little face light up with a smile for YOU! The wait is the hardest and it just really truly stinks. He really does make 'all things beautiful in His time', even this. Hang in there!!!