Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A decade of Ian

Ian's Birthday Letter at 10

Ten years ago they laid you in my arms, and I knew that instantaneous love of a mama for her boy.  You have always kept us on our toes, and I don't expect that to change anytime soon.  You are ALL energy and keeping up takes quite a bit of effort.  At ten years old this is what best defines you:

Sports, sports, sports.  You are one competitive little guy.  If there is no one available to throw a baseball or football to you, you simply do it for yourself.  We have video of you playing football all by yourself, for over 5 min, during which time you make the calls of the quarterback, block the rusher, and play wide receiver to run the ball in for a touch down.  Because your mom is also a Physical Therapist, she won't let you play tackle foot ball until 7 th grade (hey, it was Archie Mannings idea and obviously worked out ok for Peyton and Eli), however you are constantly trying to talk me into 6th grade.  You enjoy baseball too, and are currently working on your catching and pitching skills.  In fact, you received your first catcher's mitt for your birthday this year.

Games, yep, you are a gamer.  Your favorites are skylanders, clash of clans, and minecraft.  If you are not playing the games you love to make dramas with the figurines, complete with sound effects.  I like to think you get your dramatic skills from me:)

P.E.is still, and most likely will always be, your favorite part of school.  You do like math, and if you have to pick which homework to do for the week first, it's always math.

Pizza is your most requested food.  And like most 10 year olds you don't turn down any candy.  You are not big on cake but bring on the ice cream!

You will hold my hand whenever we are out, and on occasion still climb up into my lap for a story, even though you recently started reading chapter books (you really like Diary of a Wimpy Kid)

As for the future, your big plans are for the NFL, and we have a lot of conversations deliberating on which team you will play for, that is if for some crazy reason the Vikings don't draft you.  However, your heart is so sensitive to Jesus.  We have prayed together many times and you have already wept with the love the Lord has showered down on you.  I believe He has big plans to use you for His kingdom and I'm praying every day that your heart remains as sensitive always as it is now.

Happy Birthday buddy, we love you.


                                    Your Birthday at the Jackson High School Football Game
                                                 Buddies:  Trey, Josh, Tyler, and Grant

                                   Ice Cream Football Cake                 Brownie Cake

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